Medical Device Regulatory and Marketing Course (13th Class)

Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA) and the Integrated Vocational Development Centre (IVDC) of Vocational Training Council (VTC) are jointly organizing the 13th certificate program titled “Medical Device Regulatory and Marketing Course”. This course has been conducted by HKMHDIA and IVDC since 2009 and near 350 in-service personnel have enriched their professional knowledge by taking this course.  

This program aims at enhancing the overall knowledge and quality for professional regulatory & marketing personnel in related to the medical devices industry. Class contents focus on Marketing practice guideline, Business ethics, Regulatory requirement in ISO13485 and ISO14971, Product registration related issue at HKMDCO, Legal duties and liabilities in the Marketing of Medical Device. All of the class lecturers are qualified professionals from academic as well as the industrial sectors.

Please find the attached leaflet for detailed course information and enrollment form.