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Tender for MARS Centre


Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) plan to re-model an existing industrial building (MARS Centre) to support medical accessory resilience supplies manufacturing. The MARS Centre will be built in two Phases to suit relevant production.

HKSTP is inviting proposals for leasing the MARS Centre at 2 Dai Wang Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate. Please note that the submitted proposal may form part of the lease to be finalized after the application approval of HKSTP. 

The main occupier of The MARS are manufacturers of products with the following scope.

1. Personal protection equipment (PPE);

2. Functional non-woven fabric, spun-bond, melt-blown, nano-fabric, and related materials;

3. Testing and certification laboratory for medical accessories products;

4. Other upstream and downstream medical accessories industries (e.g. devices, equipment, etc.).

The priority will be given to item a), b) and c).

The Tender will be in a Two-Envelope Submission Format.

1. Technical Proposal with a Non-collusive Tendering Certificate and a crossed cheque as Application Deposit;

2. Price Proposal.

Detailed tender information can be retrieved from HKSTP’s website https://www.hkstp.org/en/quick-links/tender-notice/

If you wish your application to be considered, you should submit Tender in accordance with requirements in the Tender package by 5:00 pm on 23 June 2020.  If you have further enquiry, you may call 2629 6908 or email to mars@hkstp.org

If you would like to know more about the Tender for MARS Centre, please join our ZOOM introduction session at 2:30 - 4:30pm on 16 June 2020 by filling in the following Form. https://forms.gle/XdAHxwQVHqcxoY1H9


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